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The mindset of a an excellent communicator

Why do some people communicate much more effectively and more clearly than others?

It’s because they have the proper mindset. I proper communication first minds that comes with understanding the communication is one of our essential human traits. And what I mean by essential human traits is that since the onset of the rising of Homo sapiens thousand and thousands of years ago, and one language had to develop about 100,000 years ago, and written language about 5000 years ago, people have always been trying to communicate better. Most problems in the world come result of lack of communication or breakdown in communication. You see, how many wars to be avoided if our leaders could just communicate properly.

Think about how great our world would be.

The negotiation table would always be full instead of the war room.

We would be able to negotiate what we want out of the deal, and effectively understand through proper communication what our enemies know what somebody else would want out of the deal. In this isn’t just apply to international Affairs but interpersonal affairs and relationships as well. If your mindset is in right, and there’s no way that you can get any of the communication picture right.

what does it take to have the proper mindset for good communication?


The first step is that it takes humility listening, and understanding. Are you able to actually actively listen to another person and then you’ll be able to communicate properly what their needs are for what they want to hear and you’ll be able to properly communicate that back. Does that make sense? I know that there’s times in my life where I just are talking without actually listening to another person. And I can tell you what that mindset is definitely not right. So definitely humility is the first step. As well as active listening.


Second I would say that practice is very very important to have in the right mindset. And here’s a great tool to practice communication. Are you dedicated to become an effective communicator. I mean it is there any profession her any circumstance in life other than maybe being a secluded and cloistered monk, where you don’t have to communicate effectively? Think about it…everyone has to be a good communicator if they want to live in this world or lease live well.

Coaches, teachers, presidents, employees, employers, husbands, wives, children, spiritual leaders, it all comes down to communication and that’s what I was here at heart for communications are 100% dedicated to. In our last article he wrote about the steps to take to become a great communicator and now just take a couple more minutes to think about what it takes to have the mindset of a great communicator which is even more important because it starts right here.

10 tips for Communication success

As we stated in our previous article, verbal communication is extremely important.  But so are other forms of communication.

person talking

Like written communication, as well as body language and non verbal communication. For example, non verbal communication is more than 93% of all communication, according to this study.

So here’s 10 tips for properly communicating.

Speak slowly

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to miscommunication is speaking too fast. When your pronunciating each word, you should be speaking at a little less than 100 words per minute. At least that’s what’s ideal. If you’re speaking too fast, and yes you want to get your point across as quick as possible because peoples attention spans are shorter than ever in our digital age, But you still need to make sure that you speak slowly enough to the point where people can understand you. There is always a fine balance between too slow because you don’t want to talk like you’re from the 1950s which average 50 words per minute. But you also don’t want to talk so fast to again, where no one can understand you you sound like a high school valley girl.

Be aware of your body language

Since we know that nonverbal communication and body language is a form of communication, we want to be very very aware of how we present ourselves with our body language. What are our body is saying when we’re talking? Are we tense and tight in our shoulders? That will give the impression that you’re very nervous. Or are you calm and relaxed? You can definitely present your body that way and yes it can take practice and It can definitely improve with practice,  and that’s a some of the things we offer in our training with our clients, is being aware of your body language and how to improve it to improve your communication skills.

Speak clearly

Another tip for communicating properly is speaking clearly. Ask yourself am I actually saying each word that I mean to say? Or am I mumbling? I find myself often times even though I am a speech and communications expert, not speaking clearly enough. I know what I want to say, but my client/customer doesn’t necessarily know what I want to say.  So it’s absolute sensor that you properly enunciate each word so that your perspective audience can fully understand you by speaking clearly and slowly like we stated earlier.